To be Canada's most Impactful environmental media organisation across all platforms and channels.


Building a strong media organisation that supports and grows our community.

Our Philosophy

From our very founding, Alternatives Media has been dedicated to approaching the complex (and interrelated) issues connected with environmentalism from the lens of seeking to provide pathways to progress. We believe that our role as a environmental media charity is to shine a light on the alternative solutions, to share stories that spark conversations, and, fundamentally, to help foster the ideas and innovations that will lead to more environmentally-sustainable future.



Publishing hundreds of stories. Inspiring thousands of meaningful actions. Engaging with millions of Canadians.

Alternatives Media does this by:

  • Delivering a blog post that demystifies carbon pricing and, in the process, helps to shape a national discussion.
  • Publishing an in-depth article which explores the ways to bridge 'environment' and 'economy' that is later used by policy-makers to inform their decision-making.
  • Sharing an on-the-scene videos which shocks and enrages - and spurs thousands into meaningful actions.

Alternatives Media is committed to expanding the communications capacity on behalf of Canada's environmental community. We collaborate with local grassroots groups and national environmental organizations to amplify their voices and to enhance their messaging and engagement efforts. And, in the coming months, we'll be unfurling new media brands that will help us in this core work and further expand our cumulative impacts. The story of the growing impacts of Alternatives Media is just getting started.

Don't bury your head in the sand when it comes to the environment.

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